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Magnetic sails for interplanetary and interstellar missions

A magnetic sail is a type of advanced, propellantless propulsion system concept for deep space missions. It generates thrust thanks to the electromagnetic interaction between the solar wind charged particles and an arti cial magnetic field obtained through a large current-carrying coil made of superconducting material. I've had the chance to work on this more exotic type of propulsion system within the research I performed at the WARR and the Initiative for Interstellar Studies (i4is).

Combining Magnetic and Electric Sails for Interstellar Deceleration

Project Dragonfly: A Feasibility Study of Interstellar Travel Using Laser-Powered Light Sail Propulsion

Maneuvering through solar wind using magnetic sails

More info will follow ...

2D projection of the axial reflectivity field experienced during the interaction between incoming ions and a single-turn superconducting coil at an angle of 20°. From left to right the incoming ion velocities are β=10%c, β=1%c and β=0.1%c, where c is the speed of light.

Ion streamlines (blue) with superimposed magnetic field lines (black) for an angle 𝜃 = 60◦. The magnetic sail is shown in red.



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